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Q Card S4 Wallet Case



If you have searched for the perfect wallet case for your Samsung S4 then you are in luck with the Qcard S4 Case by CM4 This case was designed around the philosophy that convenience should complement style.  The soft-touch rubber and premium fabric combine to form a surface that comfortably stays in your hand but won’t stick to the liner of your pocket. The case also securely holds your cards up to a max of three while providing convenient access to quickly slip them out when needed. Even though you might think its a tight fit for the cards at first not to worry it will loosen up so all three are able to fit comfortable inside the case Something I thought was cool is they combine a soft-touch rubber case with a premium fabric pocket which is something I havent seen many case makers come up its truly an innovation One thing CM4 believes is that a case should not only maintain but enhance the device This case also features my favorite “lay on the table action” which means it safely elevates the phone’s screen with a protective front bezel something I said I like since you don’t always want Now comes the best part besides the wallet part of the case it’s the patent pending Direct Channel Audio™ design, sound  which redirects towards the front of the phone, allowing the user to experience much louder and clearer audio while watching videos, listening to music, or during conference calls. This is accomplished through creative redirection of the phone’s built-in rear speaker and requires no extra power. Overall this case is a beast since now you don’t have to carry around the bulky wallet with your phone,keys and what ever else you have your pocket I think Cm4 has made a great case here and one that is very reasonable priced for $39 With the Q Card Case, you won’t miss a beat in your busy life.

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