If you are like me then you create varies signs,posters or letters each week sometimes I already have a template made up from past years to help out other times I need to write it up what I used to use when I was in school was Microsoft Publisher but now that I have a mac I can’t really use that software so recently I found a software called  Publisher Plus which is a versatile and efficient document maker app that empowers all users to quickly design and create any type professional looking prints they need. Unlike other photography software that takes days to master, Publisher Plus allows all levels of people to become productive quickly. It can’t be any easier to create awesome documents than with this app.

Publisher Plus comes with 170+ professional templates for flyers, brochures, newsletters, adverts, reports, calendars, posters, booklets, and more. (I wish they would keep adding more though) Besides this, users can apply a wide variety of decorations including hundreds of delicate clipart examples, rich background resources, etc. at will.

With its intuitive interface, users can easily add images, texts, shapes and other objects to documents. They are able to apply frames, masks and filters to photos; personalize text font, style, size, color and spacing at ease; customize shapes; and create custom calendars and so on.

Something I liked about this software the most is that it also comes with powerful editing features.It’s simple to reposition & resize each object, move it to wherever you wish,and rotate it at ease. What’s more, users are able to add color fill, stroke and shadow to any object. They can set their page background with 230+ preset backgrounds or apply their own images as background. In a word, users have complete control over their document setting and editing. This software also works with most convenient print and share options once  a document has been completed, users can print it directly and even easily share it via Email, Facebook, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr of course if they are running Mac OS X 10.8 or later.

In closing, Publisher Plus is a new solution for people to create awesome and amazing printable documents. Given the powerful features and intuitive interface, users with no experience of photography and PhotoShop can create wonderful documents.

Download this completely new app on the Mac App Store to enjoy the fun to be had in creating professional documents just like I did

Key Features:

  • 170+ professionally designed templates.
  • Customize text and crate multiple pages freely.
  • Lots of art resources: clipart, background, mask, frame and filter.
  • Lots of editing features: margin, size, calendar, layer, etc.
  • Add preset shapes or customize shapes with drawing tool.
  • Multiple export and share options.

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