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Proporta Stripe – TurboCharger 12000



There’s one task we think about daily besides eating or drinking and that “is my device charged” well if you have asked this and wondered if there was something that could charge your tablet to full then I have a battery pack to tell you about it’s from a company called Proporta they were established in 1996 in Brighton, England they design the highest quality and widest range of mobile, tablet and e-reader accessories and protective cases including iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy, as well as providing the awardwinning USB TurboCharger 7000 emergency battery charger, screen protectors and sports accessories. Proporta has developed partnerships with many designer labels and major retailers around the world, including Ted Baker London, Barbour, Joules, The National Gallery London, V&A, Sony, Apple, Bentley, Harrods, Wa- terstones, Nordstrom, O2, EE, Carphone Warehouse, House of Fraser, John Lewis and Dixons. Today I am going to review the Proporta 12000 TurboCharger

Where ? :  Amazon US CA UK

Price : $54.95 Amazon US

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The packaging for the battery is simple all you get is the battery in a white box with a  mini usb to usb charging cable there is also a large one sheet instruction just like the pocket turbocharger came with  This battery is bit wider but still about the thickness of my iPhone 5 and has two ports I only used the port with two “lightning bolts” to charge my iPad and Kindle which is something I’ve yet to see in the bulk of powerbanks out there like I said before the one “lightning bolt” is  1A and the other “two lightning bolt” one I used is 5V 2.1A As I pointed out in the video I would of liked to seen both ports designed for 2.1A Something neat I was glad to see I was able to use Proporta’s custom engrave service to have my  website on the powerbank of course I could of had my phone number or name in case my powerbank was to get lost you know something mom used to do when you were young in school I would of liked to seen gold or color filled engraved since it doesn’t really show I was also worried how engraving a powerbank would work but after having a few cases engraved it’s not that deep of a engrave like a desk name plate


After using this battery  for about a month , The only faults I could find is that the product isn’t built as tough as I would of liked it to be built tough since the price is up there for most budgets for a powerbank One thing I did like but would of liked a display display was the indicator light its about average as other powerbanks to tell you if the battery is FULLY charged  I was able to get about two full iPad and kindle charge’s  before the indicator light started blinking  I also would of liked to seen a carrying bag come with the product to keep it protected while in a backpack but still The battery offers the best two tablet or iPhone 6 thin form factor solution to most other powerbanks out there today

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