You might be sitting there thinking what am I going to do with my old iPod touch,iPhone or Android (soon) phones  now that you have the newest and best out there for now you could sell it on ebay but would that bring in enough money to make you happy or you could use it as a CCTV system with an app called Presence which turns your spare iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and soon Android into a FREE WiFi or cellular video camera! It features real-time audio and video streaming, motion detection video alerts, and 2-way conversation mode. Seeing is believing by monitoring your camera in real-time or get meaningful alerts with video clips when motion is detected. Engage in a 2-way audio/video conversations through your camera back at home almost like FaceTime 24/7, while you’re on the go. Be there for your loved ones and protect your valuables even when you are away. It’s very easy to get started just download Presence to your spare iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch via the appstore or Google Play Connect it over WiFi and plug-in power. Place it in your home, room, garage, office, or school be creative use different iPhone tripods you dont use anymore to prop it up like a real CCTV camera  and begin monitoring it remotely in real-time from your new iPhone CCTV Camera. Just like a normal CCTV system you can customize settings and get an alert with a short video clip when motion is detected. You can tell when someone breaks into your room, when the kids get home from school,and that your elderly relatives are moving about their day. Now you can see it for yourself and have peace of mind with video clips and keep a constant eye on pets, family, and prized possessions when you are away from home. Communicate remotely face-to-face with the people and pets you see through your camera there is two types of free plans I suggest Presence 2.0 which gives you 10MB of video storage and you can use some of People Power‘s many different devices to help control your camera like a Galileo robotic iPhone stand or maybe you want to control your thermostat with the Wi-Fi Radio Thermostat even though these extra products cost alot in my thoughts its nice to see them offer it One thing I thought that was cool with this plan is you can share a video clip on your facebook maybe to help aid the police in catching a thief If you are a developer of gadgets or software People Power encourages you when you come up with a cool new product to sell that is compatible with the Presence Platform to get in touch with them So don’t buy an expensive IP camera put that old iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android (soon) back to work! Camera systems cost a lot why not use the devices you already own now download Presence and transform your unused iOS devices into the most advanced WiFi video cameras on the market for FREE.


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