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Power Support Crystal Clear Front+Back Protectors for iPhone 4 / 4S Review



The iPhone 4/4S are gaining in age each day but are still quite popular. As everyone knows the front and back of both phones are both glass, which might look nice but is quite easy to crack or scratch. With the Power Support crystal clear front and back protectors your iPhone 4/4S will have protection against scratches and because it is clear it should not be noticeable, Is it ? Lets see.

Worth the Purchase ? : Yes

Where ? : GearZap

Price : £19.95

In the Package ?

Front + Back protectors

  • Squeegee

  • Applicator Card

  • Instructions

The front and back protectors for the iPhone 4/4S are really simple to apply. The material is nothing special about them just your normal, thin screen protectors. The first thing you have to do while instaling the protectors is thoroughly clean the front and back of your iPhone 4/3S to ensure that the installation goes smoothly. have cleaned the iPhone, get the front or back protector, which ever one you want. Then pull the back tab on the protector slightly and place on your iPhone, then move slowly up your iPhone, trying to get as many air bubbles out of the protector as possible as you move. If you follow the steps properly then you should be left with a clean and protected iPhone 4/4S.

I was impressed with how clear the protectors where and was happy to know that my iPhone would be protected from scratches from everyday usage or getting in and out of cases, which I do quite alot.


The Power Support crystal clear front and back protectors iPhone 4/4S are very good protectors for your iPhone and after using for just over 3 weeks I have still no problems with any bubbles or scuffs and to be honest, I might even go and buy another set of the protectors to be sure that I have protection for my iPhone. must sau that this a must buy for any iPhone 4/4S owner.

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