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PopSockets Available Now: Expanding Buttons for Phones, Tablets and Cases




PopSockets provide grips and stands for texting, calling and taking photos, andcan also be used as a handy headset management system

Boulder, CO – Dec. 16, 2013 – PopSockets LLC, a Boulder start-up, announces the launch of PopSockets for All, handy expanding buttons that attach to smartphones, tablets, and cases. PopSockets add a pop of color and fun, and attach to devices via a reusable adhesive pad. Once positioned, they expand and collapse for functionality without compromising mobility. PopSockets are not only functional, but also highly addictive. Once you have used a device with PopSockets, any device without them feels quite lonely. PopSockets are available now for $14.95 at

David Barnett, a philosophy professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, invented PopSockets. He realized that the backsides of devices go largely unused and wanted to give that space a purpose, style and added functionality.

To perform their functions, PopSockets can be positioned in various modes, including:

Media Stand – a landscape stand for surfing the web or reading emails



Theater Stand – a landscape stand for watching videos


Photo Grip – pop the bottom socket for steady one-hand photography


Phone Grip – pop the top socket for secure comfortable calls


Cord Wrap – wrap your cord around the half-collapsed PopSockets and tuck your buds to keep them safe and tangle free


Texting Stand – a portrait stand for viewing messages hands-free

Video Chat Stand – a portrait stand for hands-free video chatting

Texting Grip – pop the top socket for safe, ergonomic, one-hand texting

PopSockets for All is the company’s first product launch since its successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign in 2012. The company also plans to release an iPhone 5/5s case with built-in PopSockets.

You can find PopSockets on Instagram @popsockets, onTwitter @popsockets, on Facebook at and on the web at

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