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Poetic Karbon Shield Slim Fit LG Stylo 3/Plus



Did you just get the new LG Stylo 3? Well you must or you are thinking about it otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post. Today I have a case to tell you about it’s from a company called Poetic which you might of already heard of from other bigger name Youtubers and for a few years I’ve been trying to get coverage of there products on our site and each time seemed to be a dead end well today I’ve made it though that dead end street So a bit about them before we get into the review they’re globally renowned by savvy smartphone and tablet case enthusiasts, Poetic has quickly become the go-to source for cases that are both innovative and high-quality at the greatest value. A growing force in the tech accessory industry, Poetic provides shoppers a wide selection of today’s most cutting edge cases and accessories. Poetic is a lifestyle that is in each and every one of us. Poetic is what connects us and makes us unique. Poetic can be bold or it can be subtle. No matter who you are or how you express yourself, You Are Poetic. Today I am going to review the Poetic Karbon Shield Slim Fit LG Stylo 3/Plus

Where ? :  Amazon 

Price : $9.95 FREE shipping Amazon If you have Prime

The case is made of Top Grade TPU and Sophisticated styling with Carbon fiber texture whatever that means I thought all TPU was made the same so does this mean the material went to college? who knows but I one thing I do know is I really like this case flexible yet sturdy corners and has a form fitting design for the LG Stylo 3/Plus not sure if they are thinking of other colors like Blue or green that would be a nice touch. With this design the case feels really nice in your hand and the LG Stylo won’t feel bulky I like these cases for one main reason easy to take off your phone without too much brain power.

The case features raised buttons and cut-outs for:

  • Volume Rocker
  • Earphone jack
  • Power Button
  • Speaker,Charging Port
  • Camera and Flash

Once the case is on, it has a great protection and you’re able to  “lay on the table”  which means you can lay your phone face down on the table without the worry of getting it scratched while face down on a desk or countertop like every other TPU flexible case I’ve reviewed. But as I always say with any case besides tablets “I would still get that Glass Screen Protector” so dust and other material doesn’t hurt your screen since you are already paying to protect the rest of phone seems like a no brainer.


After using this case for a few days, I tried my best to look for a fault it in anyway. But I couldn’t find any but I would suggest to Poetic to come out with some color for this case.  The case offers style and protection to your LG Stylo 3. It’s a perfect case for the everyday hussle and bussle.



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