I saw a friend of my mom’s use a phone headset for her work, since she was working from home. She then told me that she wouldn’t use any other brand other than Plantronics.


Anyways, I saw these Plantronics BackBeat 216 Stereo Headphones on MobileFun.com. I tried them, and they were great! I think these are very crisp sounding earbuds. The pieces that go in your eardrums are plastic. I prefer metal, but still that doesn’t bother me. I wanted a little case to put them in, but there is no case/bag to place them in. You would think some bag would be provided to protect them when not in use. There are a few nice touches; such as I like where the control talk buttons are, and how they function. The earbud covers are made of comfortable rubber material, that stay in your ears.


Now, I don’t run, but I do take my bike out in warm weather sometimes, and I think these would be just right for riding, or going to the gym. These won’t come out of your ears while biking, hiking or anything.The BackBeat headphones allow you to manage your calls and music without having to touch your phone. I didn’t really use the mic a lot, since I use earbuds more for watching videos and listening to music.


You might be saying, “Dave, I don’t own an Apple device; so I can’t use these.” NOT TRUE because when I tested them on other devices they worked great! A Nexus 7, or any Android device would be happy to pair up with these Plantronics BackBeat 216 earbuds. So to wrap up, I really enjoyed the Plantronics BackBeat 216 headphones. They make Pandora music sound crisp. If these aren’t what your looking for; be sure to take a look at the other MobileFun.com headphones.




If you want a video review of these , Leave me a comment down below