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PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case for iPhone 5/5S



Today I am going to review a battery case from a company called PhoneSuit which sells chargers for your phone.  The battery case looks very nice keeping your phone charged up when you need it most  the case costs about $99.95 USD and comes with Free shipping  so that’s all you will pay. So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case for iPhone 5/5S

Provider: PhoneSuit

Price: $99.95 


The Review:

The battery case has a few identifying marks on it which is the PhoneSuit Logo followed by the infomation badge on the front which has a serial number on it for support purposes

The case comes with a Mini USB and instruction booklet and its is great for those who need more battery juice during the day  If you are getting this to work the floor at CES or any convention then you love it the case has a Integrated high-capacity, 2100 mAh battery can offer over a full 100% charge to iPhone 5 in less than 2 hours This makes it for sure a true power extension for the iPhone 5, PhoneSuit Smart Power Technology regulates and prioritizes iPhone power consumption to make sure the iPhone always has the power it needs with minimal user interaction Innovative bottom curved wide-angle openings allow for full audio port access. Straight and angled headphone jacks can work fine without the need of an extra adapter Its has a large acoustic sound channel design amplifies the iPhone speaker and microphone volume. and its Switchless digital power button easily activates power and increases the long-term reliability.  One of the best parts beside the high-capacity battery is the high quality, durable, soft-touch rubber composite materials which makes it feel great in the hand both in hot or cold climates Unlike other iPhone chargers it can be hard read the little bars to see how much juice you have left not with the Elite it has a discreet 5 point LED battery status meter keeps the lights hidden until requested for an attractive uniform appearance or and one the best parts beyond the design is you never have to take your phone out the case ever again since the case has Charge & Sync with iTunes. Users can charge and sync the iPhone with iTunes while it’s connected to the PhoneSuit Elite. just use the included charge cable in the package I used this product for a few weeks and I have to say I really like it I didn’t find any problems


So yes the case is a bit expensive, but is it even worth it? I would say yes if you want to keep your phone charged and not have to carry around a battery pack

So in all it’s not bad for a battery case but If you don’t want a case I would look into the Phonesuit Flex Charger

The final score averages out to be a 10 out of 10, and that takes into account everything,

+Simple to use
+solid and reliable
+able to sync and charge with iTunes and not have to remove the case

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