If you are like me then you like siting down with the iPad after a long day and just unwind with a YouTube video or  and app Pendulum Painting is an app that will for sure help you relax its like Zen or something like that lets take a story break. In 1851 the French physicist Jean Bernard Léon Foucault, showed that the plane of oscillation of a pendulum tends to swing rotated clockwise regardless of the motion of the pivot; it was the first demonstration of the Earth’s rotation. The path of each round always crosses the center and keeps rotating smoothly, just like an art work by the nature. It created a “pendulum mania” at that time. Today, Foucault pendulums are also popular displays in science museums and universities. In real Foucault pendulum, the swing is observed to rotate 360 degrees clockwise in about 32 hours. In this app the rate is greatly exaggerated so we needn’t wait that long to observe and draw you can witness the entire process of how a Foucault pendulum drawing beautiful pattern just by its simple movement which is quite relaxing at least for me But don’t think you have nothing to do you can also fine-tune the length of the rope, the rotation speed of the pendulum and the release level of the pendant, control the timing to create multiple pattern for your own drawings. Here’s a tip when a desirable pattern is drawn, tap the stop button, then drag the pendant to a new position (or change the length of the rope) and release it, the pendant will start new round on existing pattern. If a drawing is not good, tap the clear button, canvas will be cleared in that moment but won’t stop inking of the coming movement. Overall the app costs about $1.99 optimized for iPhone 5 & iPad and other Apple devices I think maybe this app might be better suited for $.99 since I like to reserve a two dollar price for a more in-depth app but still its a great app to relax after a long day

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