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PDair Vertical Leather Pouch Case – Apple iPhone 4S / 4



So if saw my past PDair reviews like the Blackberry Z10 its pretty much the same but of course this case is made for the iPhone 4 /4s PDair Leather Pouch Case which you can get on Mobilefun , keep your phone secure and the site says there is secure magnetic clasp to seamlessly hold your phone but I didn’t find it enclosed on the inside. Something I have learned is that all PD Air prides themselves on  Hand stitched cases, selected from premium leather cuts, specially selected for its durability and fade resistance. PDair cases use soft supple natural leather, unlike other cheaper leather imitation vinyl cases. So you know you are getting a quarity case cause every PDair case is hand stitched together, then sealed with a long-lasting bonding agent to make sure and to help prevent tearing at the seams, ensuring they last the distance. Which if you read the last post or seen my videos I talk about that smell which I think is the bonding agent used for the cases Like I said each case is individually designed to give a perfect fit to your mobile device. no problem getting to your volume and power buttons with  the cutaways provide access to controls, Again they said on the site that it has with extra spaces to carry memory cards but I didn’t find any. With my love for handmade and leather products PDair has always been a name I have grown to love and never do without I can say its kind of hard to pick between Spigen and PDair both have some very nice products if you havent given PDair a try yet in your search for the best iPhone cases I would totally give them a look at I never had a problem with any of their cases not once

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