I have always liked PDair products from my first Kindle fire  case to recently this past September which was a case for iPad 2 I still use it but for more formal events PDair is known for there high quality and high-priced cases  which I was kinda shocked to see this BlackBerry Z10 PDair Leather Vertical Case for only $25 all the PDair leather cases are Hand stitched cases, selected from premium leather cuts, specially selected for its durability and fade resistance. PDair cases use soft supple natural leather, unlike other cheaper leather imitation vinyl cases. Each case is well constructed sealed with a long-lasting bonding agent to help prevent tearing at the seams, ensuring they last which could be the reason for the smell of the leather cases I have found if you are going out and taking it with you to say a fairgrounds take the case and phone with you this way it has some time to air out and you don’t get sick with smell, moving on the design of their cases are ment for a man or women so there isn’t the statement “oh that’s too girly” or “that’s a mans case”  granted the case does look like it would be placed in the mens section at Macy’s but trust me a women could style this case too Overall if you are looking for a nice professional case for your Z10 be sure to give the PDair a look or check out other BlackBerry Z10 Cases by MobileFun


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