Today I am going to review a charging cable from a company called Pawtec Based out of Los Angeles, California, Pawtec is the premier source for the highest quality products in the industry. Every product they sell is backed by support and customer service. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority


Product Name: Pawtec Premium Lightning to USB Charge and Sync Cable Apple MFi Certified

Provider: Pawtec

Price: $19.99   


The Review:

The packaging, comes in a zip lock bag where neatly packed inside is the lighting cable ,and  for retail purposes features and specifications are printed on the back of the bag

The  sync cable does have any identifying mark which is the PawTec name this sync cable is very different than others i’ve reviewed in terms of design and durability  I’ve reviewed a few different charging cables one of them a few months back was a PawTec cable and again I still prefer their cables it’s not as thick or as thin but again it’s easy to find since they do come in three cool colors Black,Green and Orange  if it’s on the ground in the car or in your bedroom you are certain to find the cable they even added white dots in the design to make it stand out so you do find it I like that this cable is made of a tangle free nylon and not a coated rubber which tends to feel greasy both ends (USB-LIGHTING PORT)  are made of an aluminum and are very durable unlike the original apple cable this cable indeed live up to the fresh design PawTec has envisioned for their products in my opinion…


So yes the sync cable is priced well but is it even worth it? I would say Yes! if you want a durable sync cable to last and look better than the typical apple sync cable The final score averages out to be a 10 out of 10, 

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