Partition Mini Tool ( Home Edition ) is a freeware  Developed by MINI TOOL which is your perfect task handler towards daily partition stuff. The home edition is free though you can purchase a  Professional Edition of $39.  It is available for Windows and Windows Server currently and there’s the server edition too which is priced at $129.  Developers have  also added a Bootable CD and Bootable Flash Drive version for our convenience. So there’s plenty of choice available for it and there’s nothing more to really get disappointed. The short and good description of this software can be – ” Partition MINI TOOL is advanced level of the partition  wizard which is packaged with Windows“. The interface typically resembles the Windows Partition stock wizard which comes packaged when you buy a copy with some more options added to your convenience. Basically You can carry out all the stuff like Shrink Volume, Create New Volume, Increase the storage capacity by allotting unallocated  space to a particular partition, Split Partition, Merge Partition etc. You can explore the partition from within the software, change a drive letter, Change Serial Number, Change Partition Type ID, Wipe Partition,  Hide Partition etc. As far as advanced algorithms go, you can basically also convert partition type typically from NTFS to FAT, you can change the font and even convert MBR Disk to GPT Disk and vice versa which is good if you have 1TB+ Disk  and you opt for more than 4 primary partition. Click here to watch their video tutorial on this. So all I have to say basically is I found myself using this software on my daily basis right now as it makes my partition stuff easy and the main thing is reliability. The software never crashed, nor my computer’s performance got affected with this. So guys what do you all think? Leave your thoughts down below in comments.


Partition Mini tool in Pictures :