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Panasonic HXD3 Headphones



I’m sure if you are into audio or any electronics  then you have heard about the company Panasonic well I recently heard about there new headphones  which have gotten some buzz overseas but I haven’t been able to find too many english reviews so I thought I should check them out I saw them on MobileFun which is the UK’s leading online mobile accessories retailer offering the latest mobile phones and exciting accessories have provided me a Panasonic HXD3 Headphones so how well does it work? lets find out…

Product Name: Panasonic HXD3 Headphones

Where ? : MobileFun

Price : $27.49 USD

The Review: The packaging that the headphones come in can be tricky to open and get your headphones out they are ment to be retail friendly meaning they dont want customers returning the Panasonic HXD3 Headphones


Lets start with a first look these headphones are meant to be a affordable headphone for any budget they are very light weight and easy to clean unlike some others out there even though they aren’t “ear leakage” proof you aren’t buying them for this these headphones feature a simplistic modern design and soft head and ear padding Even thought they say these headphones can be used for long listening sessions I have to disagree since I only could stand about 30 mins at a time they also claim that  “The premium sound isolation earpads provide superior sound isolation in order to deliver a more immersive listening experience” while I have to disagree again I was able to hear the sound when I put the headphones on the table also you can’t turn it up too much or risk blowing your ear to canada but all said this headphones are designed and manufactured by the renowned electronics manufacturer Panasonic the HXD3 features professional standard cabling that increases the clarity, dynamics and power of the audio signals that travel through them to deliver a rich sound quality. Additionally, advanced driver technologies are engineering to reproduce distortion-free bass, clear mids and super-crisp highs for a truly unique audio experience.


So these  headphones we not break the bank but are they even worth it? I would say they are if you are looking for a better designed budget headphones that don’t seem like your getting cheep knockoffs  this product is a nice way to go, but I think you could do better if you are into bass music or even gaming on your device but if this doesn’t bug you then you are sure to enjoy this headphone from MobileFun

The final score averages out to be a 9 out of 10, but that takes into account everything.

+Inexpensive+Seems well made+ Comfortable for at least 30 mins+Easy to clean -Not “ear leakage” proof

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