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OZAKI O!tool KeePad



So Imagine you are at the beach, basking in the sun, enjoying a week away on a Holiday. You suddenly received an urgent work related message that must be dealt with immediately — problem is, you only have your iPad along, and typing the complex spreadsheet required will take hours using a touchscreen keyboard, at this point you begin wishing you’d brought your laptop. I know this feeling and this why I have  a case to tell you about it’s from a company called OZAKI which is a company I met up with at CES 2014 I fell in love with there booth so colorful and designed like out of this would which is something that stayed with me to make the convention memorable Today I am going to review the OZAKI O!tool KeePad

Where ? : Amazon 

The case is made of a high quality Rubberized Texture Cover and suede leather material I wasn’t sure and couldn’t confirm if its Real leather but I can say it’s better than most PU leather cases out there. It has a very nice form-fitting thin like design for the iPad Air 1 and two. Thanks to this design the case feels great in the hand and can be placed inside a travel bag with little to no bulk weight. The case features a landscape stand with a nice embed bluetooth keyboard perfect for watching movies and those who like to type I wasn’t sure how I would like the keyboard portion of this case but when I compared it to some past keyboard cases I’ve reviewed this case came out on top it’s like typing on my macbook or my netbook (A computer I used to use when I first started out on here)

The case features cut-outs for:

  • Volume/Rotate Switch
  • Earphone jack
  • Speaker
  • Charging Port
  • Camera
  • Mic

Alright so onto drop protection I guess if your kid gets mad at you and pushes your iPad air across a table and it lands on the ground it might be ok but I would still be careful as it might damage the keyboard. This case also features the famous front smart cover so your iPad will awake when you open the cover and stay protected  so you can lay your tablet face down on the table without the worry of the glass of getting damaged  Oh and one more thing I like about this is I can detach the keyboard and use it as a external keyboard for my iMac or Macbook like most other iPad keyboards.  I hate having a lot of bulk when I take my iPad out on trips for watching movies and checking emails but having a keyboard handy with a strong case is a must


After using this case for a few months, I tried my best to look for fault it in any way. But I couldn’t find any The case offers style and protection to your tablet.  The landscape stand is the best for looking at a twitter or email feed when I compare this to the to some past cases I have had in the past it’s definitely a worth-while case

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More Info About the Case: 

With a well-spaced keyboard layout and responsive keys you’ll be amazed at the accuracy and ease with which you’ll be typing; and featuring essential iOS shortcut keys you’ll be even more surprised at the time you’ll save on complex documents.

Speed, accuracy and productivity aren’t the only benefits though — KeePad has been designed with TransFit™ and SlideAngle™ technology which allow you to attach and detach the Bluetooth® Keyboard and work in complete comfort no matter where you are — since you can position the screen at multiple angles simply by sliding and adjusting it to suit your position.

KeePad also offers users complete iPad security with Edge Bumpers and Dual Side Protection; while the magnetic locking system keeps the cover closed and the screen away from harmful surfaces. Intelligently designed — KeePad has the unique ability to support iPad’s sleep/wake function regardless if the keyboard is attached or detached. Since KeePad is designed for both fun and productivity, the battery lasts up to 3 months when fully charged with an average use of 2 hours a day.

With the OZAK O!tool KeePad, you’ll find yourself wondering, why you needed a laptop in the first place, because no matter where you are or what you are doing, KeePad gives you the best of both worlds — a great stylish folio and a shapeshifting laptop all in one intelligent smart keyboard folio.

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