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Official Ted Baker London Men’s AW14 iPhone 6 Case



So you just got updated to latest iPhone 6 and now you searching the web for a case to protect it’s awesomeness but still keep the thin form factor well then I have a case to tell you about it’s from a company called Proporta they were established in 1996 in Brighton, England they design the highest quality and widest range of mobile, tablet and e-reader accessories and protective cases including iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy, as well as providing the awardwinning USB TurboCharger 7000 emergency battery charger, screen protectors and sports accessories. Proporta has developed partnerships with many designer labels and major retailers around the world, including Ted Baker London, Barbour, Joules, The National Gallery London, V&A, Sony, Apple, Bentley, Harrods, Wa- terstones, Nordstrom, O2, EE, Carphone Warehouse, House of Fraser, John Lewis and Dixons. Today I am going to review the Official Ted Baker London Men’s AW14 iPhone 6 Case

Where ? :  Amazon US CA UK

Price : $39.95 Amazon US

If Brought on Use Code NHTECH for 10% Off

The case is made of 100% PC (polycarbonate) which gives it a form-fitting design. Thanks to this design the case feels great in the hand and your iPhone w0n’t feel like it has bulk added to the already thin iPhone 6 The case can also be engraved by Proporta to help define YOU. I have to say I really like this case the engrave of our brand’s name “NH Tech” on the case looks good but maybe when it was burned on a bit of a gold filler or something to show up the writing would of been better of course the place they burned it on I wouldn’t of picked that place but rather the back of the case above the Ted Baker logo

Once the case is on it has a fair drop protection and it’s very easy to take off the case in my opinion doesn’t really have a “lay on the table” feel to it but that’s a easy fix just add a nice glass screen protector and you’re in business


After using this case for a few days, I tried my best to look for fault it in any way. But I couldn’t find any  The case offers style and protection for the iPhone when not using it  also I do want to add this accessory isn’t for most users it’s more for the one who likes there device bare but don’t want a sticker skin which would peel off  in your pocket or backpack Oh one more thing like I said before get yourself a glass screen protector so the screen can help stay protected

Rating 10/10 –Impressed by this case



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