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Obihai OBi1022 IP Phone



Today I am going to review a IP phone from a company called Obihai which is a Silicon Valley-based, California corporation rooted in the following technologies: Voice over IP, consumer and business-grade electronics and communication systems, semiconductor and integrated circuit design, audio and video DSP algorithm design, high-yield + low-cost manufacturing, global telecommunications compliance and mass-scale network deployment. Obihai was founded by people with successful track records in consumer and business-grade voice and video communication solutions. Products and services comprising these solutions have touched many millions of people in homes and businesses all over the world. Obihai’s leadership and workforce have a wealth of experience from past duty at market leading voice and data technology, product, networking and solution purveyors. The design of the phone is like most other IP office phones the phone costs about $140.00 USD  So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Obihai OBi1022 IP Phone

Provider: Obihai

Price: $140.00 (Amazon US)

The Review:

So as most of my long time viewers and friends know me I love telecommunications so a few years back when I heard about Grand Central I told my brother to get me an invite and he did and since then I’ve loved this service so it’s no surprise that when I was searching around on the internet one night I found ObiTalk and tried two of their Obitalk adapters 202 and 110 both are great adaptors if you want to ditch your home phone but still like the idea of a landline.

My experience as I said in the video below is very clear I liked this phone a lot it’s got all the features that any big or even small mum and pop business needs and it’s not going to cost you any big monthly plans as long as you choose Google Voice but you don’t have to there are some companies that integrate great with phone which you can find in your Obi Dashboard or fully exploring the Obi website which has way more info then you could need so your answer will be there somewhere

So now that you heard about what Obihai is and how this phone works lets talk about the overall experience I’ve had one thing I hate when I make a call even on my cell phone is call quality not once did the other party tell me “HEY I CAN’T HEAR YOU” or even worse “YOU’RE BREAKING UP” in fact one person already told me to lower my voice. Wait was I talking loud and I wasn’t the Obi phone’s HD quality is so clear it will literally blow EVERY phone out of the world thanks to those physical acoustics through to the digital conversion of audio.

A few things I’ve noticed in the few months I’ve had this phone first basic setup was easy plug it into the wall and then into your router but some of the other things like customizing the background and hold music sorta caught me in a loop after reading up on the Obi Forums I opened up Autodesk Sketchbook Express and sized down the NH Tech channel art there is a few other settings like how long it takes to go into screen saver after you’re done using the phone I put a few seconds but anyways one thing that just made me mad is Obi only allows you to input one hold music from them and I don’t think any other third-party company has come out with inputs for hold music for these Obi IP phones hopefully they do even though the jazz music fine but I would’ve liked to upload my custom hold music now that would be a cool feature. Oh and you don’t have to upgrade the firmware every time unless you have problem (this is true for your cell phone too) one thing I found out is it made my Obi202 non-useable unless I extended support so that’s something to take note so you don’t end up without a desk phone

Anyways I had friends help test this out and they liked when I told them I don’t pay any service fees to have this every month and if I had someone in the UK or China and they had a programmed Google voice Obidevice they could talk to me just as if they were in the states so say good-bye those international numbers for your company or family overseas. This phone is super easy to grasp no matter your age even a kid or older adult should be able to pick up on and be able to make a simple call

Which Obihai Phone is for you?

Obi Admin Guide (MUST HAVE) give this a read

Robust Telephony Features:

  • Multi-Line / Multiple Calls
  • Shared Call / Bridged Line Appearance
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF) – Regular, Pick-up and Speed Dial
  • On-Hook Dialing
  • Caller ID – Name & Number, Photo
  • Call Waiting, Call Queued
  • Multiple Distinctive Ringtones Based on Who is Calling
  • Auto Answer Intercom Call, Page Call
  • Page Groups (2)
  • Call Hold
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Swap
  • Call Park and Call Un-park
  • Call Pick-Up – Selective and Group
  • Message Waiting Indication – Visual and Tone Based
  • Speed Dialing by code of 99 OBi Endpoints, Buddies or Numbers (E.164 or URI)
  • Call Logs (200) – Dialing from Call Logs
  • Personal Phone Book – Each Entry with Multiple Numbers, Photo, Grouping
  • Hot Line and Warm Line Calling
  • Five-Way Conference Calling with Local Mixing
  • Call Forward – Unconditional
  • Call Forward on Busy
  • Call Forward on No Answer
  • Call Transfer — Blind or Attended
  • Anonymous Call
  • Block Anonymous Call
  • Do Not Disturb – Do Not Ring
  • Call Return – Call Back on Busy
  • Repeat Dialing
  • Immediate Divert
  • Multiple Ringtones – Upload Custom Ringtones
  • Screen Saver – Upload Screen Saver with Slideshow Image(s)
  • Secure Encrypted Voice Communication Support
  • Independent Mic and Speaker Volume Adjustment: Speaker, Handset, RJ9 Headset, 3.5mm Headset, Bluetooth Headset
  • Administrator Password Protected Factory Reset
  • Zero-Touch Customization – Factory Defaults Defined by Service Provider
  • OBiTALK Cloud Management / Troubleshooting
  • Syslog Event Logging

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