I’m not a big fan of tile games and couldn’t get myself into this but here goes my review Numfeud is a free app that is similar in look and feel to classic tile board games such as Scrabble which I never was a fan of  but I didn’t hate it was okay  As the app developer says Numfeud  has more incredible options for maximum entertainment. In this fun game you use your strategic and creative skills to connect all of your numbered tiles before your opponent! Once you create your game credentials and choose your nationality there’s only three steps to enjoying a game Click start a game then you have to choose a player to play against it could be a Facebook friends, Numfeud friends, random opponents, or search for new friends! I went with a public player and it was a slow and odd game reminded me of words with friends  they do claim to have easy gameplay which is true if I could get used to this game you also have access to your game statistics, such as the number of games you’ve played and won, your total points, and world rank and you can use the chat system within Numfeud to get to know your opponent or to exchange some friendly feuding trash talk. Also if you think one game of Numfeud is not enough, you can choose to play two, three, or even 50 games at one time and if ads are pesky then upgrade to the Pro version of the app for $2.99 and enjoy Numfeud without any interruptions The Numfeud app is designed to offer endless hours of challenge and entertainment. Download the app today and start an international feud of numbers!

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