As many of my long time viewers/readers know I got myself a Macbook pro in late 2013 and by now I’ve reviewed a good amount of cases and accessories for it most of the cases today listed on Amazon are the same just different sellers and brand names but I recently learned of another macbook case seller on Amazon with a product much more different then others Today I am going to review the Novo Design Macbook Pro 13″ (Non Retina Display) Marble Pattern Design

Where ? : Amazon

The case is made of a… Well they don’t say but if I have to take a guess I would say maybe a (PC) Polycarbonate/matte coating material This case is made like most other Macbook clamshell cases but I would say Novo Tech made their’s better all you have to do is open up the box and feel the quality of this case versus the other Macbook cases out there on amazon I can’t say if it has a good drop protection (even though you shouldn’t be dropping your Macbook on the ground like it’s a iPhone) but still good enough to give you more peace of mind if you place  your laptop into your backpack or on a table to prevent “dings” and so it’s protected from everyday use like hard or soft scratches or light bumps from being in the backpack


After using this case (and still using it as of writing this post) , The I wasn’t able to find anything wrong with this case, the white rubber dot grips on the bottom usually tend to slide leaving a messy glue line on the bottom but not with this case from Novo Tech. The case offers style and protection to my Macbook when I compare this to some past sleeves and cases I have had in the past it’s definitely an affordable case that still looks great for any professional

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