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Noreve iPad 2 / iPad Leather Sleeve



Okay so for a while now I have wanted to try out a case from this company called Noreve and the good people over at GearZap have allowed me to check out this One-of-a-kind and handcrafted in leather Noreve iPad Leather Sleeve for all iPad’s just not the mini cause thats too big for that device. Noreve was created in the capital of fashion & luxury, in St. Tropez, so expect only the best materials & fitting every time so I guess the old saying goes you get what you pay for but I still think it’s a bit over priced for this coming in at about $62 dollars on the gearzap site I would say this would be better sold at $45 but since they are made in france and not china one would pay this amount if you are the person who would pay for the product to be produced in a fashion capital of the world. This elegant iPad sleeve is made of exceptional quality and features padded sides with a magnetic fastening and the outside is embossed with the signature Noreve logo and if they didn’t do enough in the quality of this sleeve it also comes with a nice red carrying bag so it doesn’t get dirty when not using it a very nice touch to a fine leather case also if you are giving this to a grad to go along with the iPad you got them for their graduation all you will need is gift wrap since the sleeve comes packed inside a nice gift box overall if you are getting this for a gift for someone this is well worth the price since memories are made with gift giving if you still aren’t sure if this sleeve is for you Gear Zap has loads more iPad covers for the choosing

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