Today I am going to review a smart phone from a company called Nokia which is a company that makes smart phones, tablets and mobile accessories.  The design of the phone is very unique and  looks very nice for being able to get what you need done quick with no lag the phone costs about $134.00 USD Amazon Prime  so that’s all you will pay. So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Nokia X

Provider: Connects

Price: $134.00  (Amazon Prime)

The Review:

So you might remember I reviewed the  Nokia Lumia 1020 a few months ago  which I liked reviewing this phone but I have to say after reviewing the Nokia X  I can comfortably say that the Lumia line and X line have much difference but in the end you will have to decide to buy the phone in terms of features you will need each day for me I like the Lumia’s app store since you try a game before buying it with the Nokia X store you don’t have this option. Size and Price are another thing to take into consideration with this phone for the price you could almost say this is like the iPhone 5c only when we talk about price since it’s priced at only $130 on Amazon US considered to be a very well priced phone for those on a budget but for those who have used the Lumia line of phones you might think it’s odd to use the X since the size of the phone is about the size of a typical bar of soap

The Nokia X’s family boasts Nokia’s exciting, high quality hardware design and a range of bright colours. I should point out this is a brand new phone which came out just back in February so I think there is still much more room for improvement in many areas hopefully the X2 covers that but the tile-based Home screen offers you a simple, elegant way to manage your apps and phone functions just like the Lumia line and reintroduced a redesigned version of the enormously popular Fastlane notifications center which they claim can be a second Home screen if you like 

My experience as I said in the video below is very clear unlike my review I do wish that Nokia would have taken the Windows phone (Lumia) and somehow crafted it into this phone thus still keeping the price or at least being able to still try games like you can on the Lumia I love that you can down android apps just not any REAL google apps like Youtube or Google Voice at least with the Lumia I could do that no problem As you know Nokia has gone though many updates new products some even thought they were dead but as you can see they are much alive with the Windows phone with out sounding to negative this phone is still great as a starter phone  You still have a Vine and Instagram App and a few starter apps installed like Tetris I think the camera is ok nothing to brag about the photos and video come out clear nothing like the 1020  I REALLY liked how the phone still has no lag at all compared to my iPhone or any android phone I have tried  But let me rant on the ability to TRY out games before buying this is something that Android and IOS have yet to allow its users to do there might be less refunds on unwanted apps iTunes already allows us to sample music and videos why not apps Oh and one more thing I was so spoiled with the Lumia line that I thought the Nokia X which he name sounds like it would improved line from the Lumia would still have NFC technology so if you are coming from the Android side you will feel at home and still get to keep your current NFC Tags but I was wrong this phone doesn’t have NFC (sad face) would have been great if they did Something I was happy to see on my recent search on Amazon was a good variety of cases and covers for the X  If you have ever had a budget phone then you know the nightmare of looking for cases is I also did like that I could insert my SD card from my Android phone and have and my current photos and movies on the phone as well as installing Showbox something you need to have the file to install since it’s not in the app store that is a must on my devices since I am an avid tv show watcher

 Along with the many apps I talked about in the video there is the famous HERE Maps with turn-by-turn navigation and offline maps and just like Apple with their own radio Nokia has come out with their own app called  MixRadio which offers hundreds of free streaming and offline playlists There’s also Free cloud storage from Microsoft OneDrive with 7GB of space for free is included out of the box and access to as your email service. Oh and don’t forget Skype with a month’s free calls to international landlines in selected markets.

Anyways I had friends help test this out and they loved it the ease of use and grasp of getting to know a phone in just 5 mins they enjoyed the camera and knowing the phone is priced better than the iPhone and some other smart phones  But one thing I must say that don’t get this phone if you think you are getting a full android phone think of it like Amazon with the Kindle fire its a version of Android locked down to what Nokia wants you to see you could always install other apps from your own SD card if Nokia doesn’t offer it but I have to say I was still very impressed by this very cool smartphone which is great for anyone who needs a budget friendly phone and likes the look of Windows phone with the behavior of Android

The final score averages out to be a 9 out of 10,  The reason why I took it down a number is the phone seems to be missing several features like no google apps like Voice or being able to try games like the Lumia


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