So for many months I was on the hunt to try out a phone besides my beloved iPhone I finally got in contact with a company that would let me experience this new call it adventure well today I am going to tell you about how my quick switch for a week and a half went but before I do I should talk a bit about the phone so the Nokia Lumia 925 includes the most advanced lens technology and next generation imaging software to capture clearer, sharper pictures and video, including the best low light images they have also introduced the new Nokia Smart Camera mode,which was an update to all Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones the Smart Camera offers an easy way to capture ten images at once and edit the pictures with options like Best Shot, Action Shot, and Motion Focus for creating the perfect high quality image I have to say the camera is the best part of this phone I was blown away from quality and for the first time to the Nokia introduced metal which brings appeal and unique benefits like increased robustness. The polycarbonate back comes in white, grey or black and of course you can get extra accessories from Nokia like a A wireless charging cover can be clipped onto the back of the phone to take advantage of Nokia’s extensive wireless charging accessories and ecosystem.which come in white, black, yellow, and red. My experience as I said in the video below is very clear even though I didn’t go though as many features of the phone it is windows OS is a big change from IOS but there was app I found to help you get used to your new phone its a 3rd party app in the windows store called you might have guessed it already “iPhone theme” I have seen themes and apps like this when you jailbreak a iPod in the past I have said when I started my trial that there was instagram app and I was wrong there is an app out there for Windows phone but it’s not by Instagram personally its called 6tag  its bassically the same as the iPhone app from instagram you can take pics but no Instagram video 🙁  I think besides the camera one thing I REALLY liked about this phone or windows phone in general was the ability to TRY out games before buying it something that Android and IOS have yet to allow its users to do there might be less refunds on unwanted apps iTunes already allows us to sample music and videos why not apps also like windows phone Anyways I had a few friends at work also help test this out and they loved it the ease of use and grasp of getting to know a phone in just 5 mins was the best part they also commented about the camera But one thing I must say just like I did in the video is if you have a pre-payed plan where you can move from phone to phone just make sure you are getting a Lumia 925 that is UNLOCKED other some features like tethering will not work Overall I was very impressed by my first time using a Nokia smart phone

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