Nanodots Gyro

Alright so here’s a different kind of “tech” review since I began reviewing (before this website started) I’ve been trying to get Nanodots to send me something so I could showcase how freaking fantastic there products are recently back around January I posted information about Nanoport which seems like a ground breaker  for the smartphone industry I hope to learn more and bring you a full review on this in the future. Moving on so as many of you know Nano Magnetics is a product innovation company headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario Canada. Founded in 2009 (around the same time I became or was looking into getting into the internet game), they are the creator of the award-winning Nanodots® Magnetic Constructors used for modeling in chemistry, geometry and mathematics. It also holds the Guinness World Record for the Largest Magnet Sculpture.

So how did this become a real life product well just like any product whether it be a usb hub or case takes time but first starts off as an idea the first Nanodots® GYRO was based on a thought experiment: “What happens when a magnet’s field is allowed to move independently from its surface?” Presented in physical form, each golf-ball sized Nanodots GYRO features an internal mechanism that holds a set of four high-powered Neodymium magnets. The patent pending system features internal gimbals that decouple the motion of the GYRO’s surface from its internal magnetic array. This allows the GYROs to move like spherical gears while transparent housings lets you see the mechanism at work.

So what’s my word on these neat toys well I think I said it best in the video below but to be short and simple the Nanodots Gyro is a boredom killer never again will be nervous about meeting a client or working on a project again sometimes we all need to just sit back and play even if it’s desk play still it’s good to get your mind off anything that is just getting you frustrated I was reading the amazon reviews for this product and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing have these reviewers ever tried GYRO my guess is not because I don’t think they would of wrote such a review but I thought I so mention this so you can do your own homework to find out if GYRO is for you

Nanodots GYRO duos are available in sets of two with a wooden display base and two additional proxy magnets for experimentation and comes in sets of two plus two additional magnetic proxies for experimentation and a black wooden base for display on a desk.

Price: USD$39.95


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