Okay so its Summer time and your kid or  if your super lucky then it would be kids hehe  are super bored and you are thinking of ways to cure the boredom maybe having your 6-year-old son in frount of tv playing COD might not be as educational or healthy as you think well I have an app that is both kid and parent friendly to talk about its called MyStoryTime – Personalized Story Books for Kids. Your eyes and there’s will light up like the 4th of july as your child becomes the main character in the magical app basically to begin Take 2 photos using the iPad’s camera or use pictures on the device already  and then align your faces and scale the images to fit the template with Push-button narration available on each page its sure to help your child be as creative as possible while helping out reading skills there are many magical stories and wonderful adventures to choose from one down side is its only currently compatible with iPad  on iOS 6 and above only  but most of you should be on this version for only $2.00 thats the price of your morning coffee your kid could be starting a story and become the hero!

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