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MyKronoz ZeWatch BlueTooth Smartwatch



Wearable tech is and was a big thing in 2013 and at CES still we wonder will Apple come out with a “iWatch” well in the meantime while we wait to see if apple will we have companies like Cookoo,Pebble and a company I just found out about called MyKronoz  they have a few different watches but today we will be taking a look at the MyKronoz ZeWatch BlueTooth Smartwatch from Mobile Fun  The Zewatch connects you to all your Bluetooth enabled devices-phones, smartphones, tablets and PCs- and the ZeWatch keeps you up-to-date with a glance at your wrist. On incoming calls, ZeWatch rings and vibrates, displaying the caller number and/or contact on its OLED screen. You can easily answer or reject calls thanks to its intuitive side buttons and integrated speaker/microphone. Something I really like about this watch is if you tend to wonder where your phone is this watch has a clever feature that when your phone is out of range (over 10m) and alerts you with a vibration, ensuring against theft or loss as long as you dont lose the watch but still have the phone then you are out of luck this watch has been designed in Switzerland so you can be assured of its quality, it has a modern design that is stylish but with an air of subtlety but like most wearable tech theres always good and bad as I mention some of them in my Youtube review of the watch this watch also allows you to listen to music from your mobile device while on the go. Overall when I have compared this to my first wearable tech watch the Cookoo I like the features of it using the Bluetooth over an app since it supports my iPhone and iPad but I do like the build of the cookoo watch its a bit better to the Zewatch there was one little peeve I had when I talking was the volume of the call was still loud for the lowest volume I would like to see a earbud jack so you can still keep your phone calls or even music private  I do hope since wearable tech is still new companies keep on updating there products and software to make it better With your phone’s main functions readily available on your wrist, you’ll stay connected at all times!be sure to check out the other iPhone 5S Accessories  that Mobilefun has to offer

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