Hello guys I’m Tyler and today I had the pleasure of interviewing TheTechLemon a.k.a. Drake. He is a YouTuber/tech writer for his channel and NH Tech. He was a pleasure to speak to, here’s the interview.

Me: How did you come across YouTube?

Drake: “Well I started making gaming videos back in April 2014, in October I transitioned into technology videos and the rest is history”

Me: What motivated you to start recording content?

Drake: “Watching other people doing it, and overall knowing people are enjoying my content and I’m helping people out in some sort of way”

Me: When did you know tech was for you/your thing?

Drake: “When people started reaching out to me and saying hey you helped me out a lot, I like your videos,and when I knew that I was helping people out in the community and when I started making a lot of friends. People started really enjoying my content”

Me: Why did you choose YouTube?

Drake: “YouTube has been like just the main social site that I’ve been stuck on I like watching tutorials. You don’t see people go to twitter for tutorials do you?’

Me: What’s your preferred desktop OS?

Drake: “Windows just because I’ve been using it so long but I might try to transition to Mac OS in the future”

Me: How much time goes into making and editing a video all together?

Drake: “Well if it’s a quick video 4-5 hours, if it’s a lengthy video like, reviews or something it can take days to get it finished, actual work time is between 5 and 10 hours usually ”

Me: Will you ever quit YouTube?

Drake: “As of now I have no plans to but if the time comes to where i’m not growing or getting support like I am now, but everyone seems to be enjoying my content so I have no intention to quit”

Me: What phone do you use as your daily driver?

Drake: “Right now in using the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I am currently reviewing it, so far I really like it, I’ve got a slick-wraps skin on the back, I like it so far I switch between phones every few weeks”

Me: What do you use to record your videos?

Drake: “I use my Galaxy S6 Edge and my Nikon camera, i’m currently working on getting a Nikon DSLR”

Thanks for tuning in, sorry but due to technical difficulty there will be no video to this article, have a nice day.