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So if you are like me or most Youtubers or Bloggers  than shopping online like Amazon and having the items delivered to your door is the best thing since sliced bread (come to think of it when did bread not come sliced?) Anyways  I’ve been looking into many subscription based services for about a year hoping to give you a good idea as to if they are good idea to subscribe to. The idea is just like if you want Time magazine in the mail every month but with these services they offer products geared towards their fan base like Naturebox which sends you healthy snacks or other crazy companies you might of saw LamarWilson unbox

MunchPak is sorta the same but they send you snacks from around the world some from the USA but I found most are from Asia but some were from countries Serbia it’s the quality of the snacks are okay heck if you are tired of boring old supermarket snacks and want to branch out and try something new I would give Munchpak a try below I’m going to give you my afterthoughts of most snacks I showed in my unboxing then you can decide if Munchpak might be for you but if my video or post doesn’t help out serach up on Youtube and you will find a few other opinions besides my own

As I write this I’ve tried … 

Lemon Wafer- not bad but WOW does that leave an aftertaste of lemon for a while I guess if you want to get rid of bad breath then

Herr’s Ketchup Chips- heard alot of buzz about ketchup chips from friends who tried lays’s verson never did myself till now WOW YUM is what I have to say

All Star Popcorn Ball- I’ve never had a bad popcorn ball

Hello Panda- This is an interesting treat  maybe my favorite it’s like a chocolate coco puff with liquid chocolate on the inside from Singapore

Strawberry Pocky- I’m not sure what it is but it’s like a strawberry straw or maybe it’s strawberry covered pretzel no matter it tastes great like having a strawberry milkshake

Some type of Japan Ramen- I liked this but I think it was a bit out of my taste buds maybe since I tried it with there spice packet

So the bottom line they send packaged snacks to people wanting to explore new & popular snacks from all over the world. There goal is to provide you with new things to munch on every month. They send it to you all packed up and ready to eat. They call it a MunchPak and would love for you to try it. The Original MunchPak is only $21 per month plus shipping. The MunchPak FamilyPak costs $39 plus shipping and are currently only shipping to the USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Ireland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Monaco, and San Marino, but plan on shipping worldwide in the near future.

So what do I think? It’s not bad maybe the price is a bit steep for some budgets I would of liked to seen some more healthy or low salt options in the box  but you do get some value from the monthly subscription no matter which service you are thinking about do a bit of homework to make sure other users are just as happy with what they are getting