We all have some type of cloud file storing account where that might be Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive, or have many accounts in Dropbox. In hope of unified management on different Cloud Storage. But how do you manage this well you are in luck I found a cool FREE service which does all this and you don’t have to install any software totally web-based  Its called MultCloud a central management platform presented by AOMEI Tech. It mainly serves for the users who have multiple cloud drives. They are allowed to manage all the files of their cloud drives through just one single account in MultCloud. AOMEI Tech was found in 2010. In the early days, it mainly focuses on software development in disk partition management, backup and restore. Along with Mobile Internet arriving and Cloud Storage rising, AOMEI started to research and develop the products in the realm of Cloud Storage from 2011, aiming at providing more valuable service for more users. a few features of MultCloud that might be a reason to try this service is your be able to transfer files in various accounts without using local computer. Eg. Copy files in Box.net to SkyDrive. and if you have multiple free cloud drive accounts, you need to combine these free space to form a larger free space and lastly smoothly run “Cut, Copy, Paste, Share and Search” through various clouds. Overall if you want to move a bunch of files from one cloud to another without lagging up your computer you should give this software a try

Operations Steps of MultCloud

Step 1: before use, you should register in cloud storage providers (Google DriveDropboxBox.netSkydriveAmazon S3SugarSync are now supported). If you don’t, you can register the same account on different providers.

Step 2Sign up in MultCloud , activate and Sigh In. then you’ll see the main interface. Choose the target one, take the “Dropbox” for example, type a “Display Name” and then hit “Add MultCloud Account” to follow the guide. You can do the same to GoogleDrive and others.

MultCloud Interface


Step 3: After add the cloud drives, you can access your files on those clouds, and now you can do the operations such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Share and Search, Upload and Download etc.

Cloud Drive List

Right-click Menu
Update March 17 2014:
many new features have been added to Multcloud, please check the new features below:

1. Add FTP to Multcloud

2. Add WebDav to Multcloud

3. Add the menu option “Copy to”

4. Login with Google and FaceBook Account.

5. User interface improved: Easier to use.

6. Fix several bugs.