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Mpow Seashell



Today I am going to review a pair of bluetooth earbuds from a company called Mpow® a specialized company in innovative consumer electronics and accessories, such as ultra-slim power bank, Bluetooth receiver, etc. The bluetooth headset costs about $36.99 USD with FREE shipping so that’s all you will pay. So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Mpow Seashell

Provider: MPOW

The Review:

The packaging, is typical cardboard flap the same style box as most other ear buds come in when brought on Amazon but the only thing different with the box is it doesn’t have a flap to close the cover it’s just a label you break though, inside the box you will find  the Seashell ear buds with extra ear bud tips/buds and a Micro usb cable for charging the Seashell’s. There is also support and instruction in the box too and for retail purposes a picture of the earbuds on the front of the box label.

These ear buds have a design that remind me of the QCY ear buds which there is a bunch out there but I still like the MPOW design better they aren’t as bulky. My friend and fellow writer from NH Tech Jenny made a review of these same ear buds she used her’s for running I found them perfect for walking and biking. There was something I thought was odd and I mention this in the video the rubber that holds the bud in your ear were bent and didn’t look strong but sound was good and the bluetooth didn’t lose connection

I’ve used these for about a month and I found these ear buds were great for services I would use on my iPhone like Pandora,Audible or my Amazon Music app Now one of the reasons I like bluetooth ear buds is I don’t have to worry about wires but like everything that has a battery there is the hassle of having to recharge them These would be a perfect pair for anyone who wants to go for a run,bike or walk


So yes these ear buds are priced affordable and the is sound right, but is it even worth it? I would say OK! pairing was good but the ear bud rubber that holds the bud in your ear could have been made better like my Sneer Earbuds.

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