Today I am going to review a high powered charger from a company called Mpow® a specialized company in innovative consumer electronics and accessories, such as ultra-slim power bank, Bluetooth receiver, etc the charger costs about $23.99 USD with FREE shipping so that’s all you will pay. So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Mpow® 36 Watts (5v/7.2a) 5-port Smart Wall Charger

Provider: Mpow® 

Price: $23.99


The Review:

The packaging, is typical fold open box you get with most amazon products it’s nothing special, inside the box you will find  the charger and power plug and  for retail purposes a pictures of the charger on the front of the box I was surprised to find the  features and specifications were not on the box since most of time you find them on there

DSC02379 DSC02380 DSC02382 DSC02383

The charger does have an identifying mark on it which is Mpow® logo on the front of the charger By first glance this charger reminds me of a typical USB hub but there is no data port to connect to a computer one of the best parts I like about this charger is the ports on the product have Smart USB meaning it will detect attached devices and self-adjusted to right power status this avoid any compatibility issue and supply reliable power for any high power required iPad, tablets or cell phones.

DSC02385DSC02386 DSC02388

I’ve used the smart USB port to charge my iPad and I found I didn’t have to wait as long as usually do which I was thankful for since I use my iPad all the time  This charger indeed lives up to the standards that most of devices crave  in my opinion…

Now in case you don’t want to charge all devices in SUPER charge which I assume you might not need your bluetooth headphones to charge in that port you also have 3 other ports ment for regular charger still with the Smart USB  There is also a on and off button on the charger so power doesn’t always flow to it when in use

This product comes with a 18 month warranty, Instruction manual in English as well a DC adaptor

DSC02389 DSC02384


So yes the charger is inexpensive but is it even worth it? I would say YES if you want better wall charger then what comes with your phone or tablet

So in all it’s not bad for super charger The final score averages out to be a 10 out of 10,

+ Priced well
+Made and Designed Well for a wall charger
+Enough ports for all your devices

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