There’s so many weather apps out on the iOS app market right but which one is the one for you today I am going to show you a cool weather app that is sorta iOS 7 ready It’s called MoWeather we all know the weather can have a profound effect on your day-to-day activities and travel plans, both local and abroad this app is a tool that you can take with you wherever you go to help keep you ready for environmental conditions. The main page of MoWeather is where you will spend most of your time from this screen you can view details about the current temperature as well as the highs and lows for the next fifteen days for a specific place The app receives up-to-date data from a professional weather data provider, so you can trust that the information is current and correct something I found to be an incorrect and I hope that this gets fixed is living here in New Hampshire some of the towns even my own were not found I did find one town mislabeled as a state of “Hampshire”  at least I was able to find Concord, New Hampshire which is our capital and the closest weather for me sorta even with these flaws I still like this app and hope they keep making updates to this FREE app One more cool part about this app is that you can share on your social networks or send a text with the weather to a friend within the app but overall with the great interface UI In an instant you can have weather details at your fingertips which we all know is a nice thing to have Give this app a try to and tell us below in the comments what you think of the app

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