Do you like taking video on your phone and love that famous instagram filters well today I am going to tell you about an app called Movie Player as simple as the name of the app its interface is very user-friendly now you can make your video more fun with patent pending technology to transform your movie in REAL TIME with amazing effects one of the coolest features I found was the One Touch Brightness and Contrast Control (OTBCC) when you touch the screen for 2 seconds to adjust brightness and contrast OTBCC will revolutionary adjust both brightness and contrast at the same time also you can save and replay movies including all the effects you applied and choose from 3 playback modes they claim you can  use the “heads up display” to project movies onto the windshield of your car I am not sure about this but I can say I do like the ability to be able to watch and create 3D videos on my iPhone since I do own a pair of 3D glasses it makes it the experience to watch a movie and unlike other apps with Movie Player Plus you can actually manipulate movies in real-time while watching them turn your video into a cartoon, make it black and white, or correct the focus. Of course the creative juice will flow once you download this app and you sure to have fun with your videos fast and upload and download movies directly from Dropbox or iTunes. Since the price is only $.99 it makes it a great app to give it a try if you are on iOS 6 and up

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