Today I am going to review a type of air vent car mount then what I reviewed late last year from a company called Mountek  they are a California-based development and manufacturing company committed to meeting drivers’ technology needs when they’re on the road. the mount costs about $29.95 USD  on Amazon by using the link below So the mount is not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Mountek AIRSNAP

So I’ve reviewed a few air vent and CD mounts from Mountek and a few other from other companies while I’m not too keen on them they serve a purpose for some. When I was asked to review this I knew it wasn’t going to be my goto for a car mount and for me this mount didn’t work in my car

Now moving onto the design I do like the design it’s much smaller and not as bulky as the cd mounts which I can’t see installing but if I had to choose I might go with the cd mount (which wouldn’t work for my car anyway) when I looked at the design it seems tough for the magnetic and metal but move onto the back and this is where things get “dicey”  its made of plastic and prone to breaking if you aren’t careful. I did think there might have been a work around but that was just a Mountek AIRSNAP Chrome Edition which was just chrome color from what I gathered

Something that made me wonder about this mount is the clip that holds onto your vent it had no tension, granted you don’t want too much tension to break vent but even a bit of tension on the vent wouldn’t hurt to hold the mount in place.  When I closes the clip on the vent it still moved around, while the bottom clip looked like it was about to snap. So as I said before vent clips aren’t for everyone so with that in mind I would recommend a CD mount or my favorite a super suction car mount


So yes the mount is priced low, but is it even worth it? I would say well it’s not for me but don’t let my personal thoughts get in the way ! if you want a to have a car mount and have a newer car where the vents are already tight and not as loose (spaced apart) as with small older cars  then you might like this mount but other I would go with a sticky suction to your car dash while driving or another option you can use is a smart phone/tablet stand with a Gorilla Pod 

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