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Okay so most of you know of the wi-drive’s functions but the MobileLite is much more upgraded since the innovative Wi-Drive® portable wireless storage device Kingston® released in 2011, for Apple and Android devices. The new reader is enhanced as it wirelessly streams movies, music, photos and documents from USB Flash drives, microSD (with included adapter) and SD/SDHC/SDXC cards. MobileLite Wireless also serves as an emergency mobile charger when the user’s phone battery gets low. You can still entertain the kids on those long car rides with the Mobilelite Wireless as you did with the Wi-Drive  and when the kids drain the iPad cause they cant get enough of that disney movie we all love the MobileLite Wireless has a rechargeable battery which can handle up to five hours of continuous use as a wireless reader, easily handling long road trips. but I still suggest getting a Tylt just incase you need some more juice to power up the ipad when the mobile lite gets low . To use the Mobilelite wireless I will offer some more in detail videos KIngston has provided me to show you how to get your Mobilelite up and running in short It is as easy as plugging in any USB Flash drive into the USB port to quickly watch and share movies or view and share files wirelessly on mobile devices. The SD/SDHC/SDXC slot enables FAST!, easy sharing of images with friends and family by removing the card from a camera and plugging it directly into the MobileLite Wireless. You can also transfer files from a mobile device to the MobileLite to free up some space so you can take more pics or video of that family birthday or vacation .The included SD adapter allows the same access and sharing for microSD cards used in many mobile phones and tablets. The MobileLite allows streaming and sharing of data with up to three users simultaneously.  also like the Wi-Drive, the new device allows simultaneous connections to both device and router via Wi-Fi so, such as,You can drive and your 3 passengers can surf the web via a mobile hotspot or watch a video The MobileLite Wireless app is available now for Apple devices and soon for Android and Kindle Fire. Support for Windows Phone OS, Windows PC and Mac are forthcoming. MobileLite Wireless has a suggested price of $69.99 USD. It is available via Retail in the United States at, and soon at Staples retail locations. It will be available globally soon via a ramped regional rollout. My overall thought of this device I think if you are mom or a business man this device will end up paying for its self  and here’s an idea if you are a taxi driver in NY and want to share your unlimited data with your clients I think this could boost your money you’re in your cab just pull out the SD card so you don’t have them going though your family photos No matter what you do you will love this small day and use it everyday plus Kingston support is 100% behind you every step of the way if you need help also Check out the video demo and tips below

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