If you are into video production then a good video editor is an essential tool in your life. In this article I will be looking at Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014, let’s see if this is the video editor for you.

Worth the Purchase ? : Yes
Price : £59.99
Where ? : Magix.com video-deluxe-2014-uk-180
In the Box
Software Disk
Serial Number Card
Installation Guide

Main Features
Compatible with Windows XP,Vista, 7 & 8
New touch design
Better performance on all tracks
Acceleration for effects
Measure PC speed AVCHD Progressive in 50p
4K Video Support Acceleration for effects
Built In Sound/Audio Editor
Over 500 High Quality Effects and Templates

The installation of the program is really quite simple , all you do is insert the cd into your computer and Bobs your uncle. If you don’t have a dvd drive then you can simply download the software from the link below. The loading time of Movie Edit Pro 2014 is quite impressive and like no other video editor I’ve tried in the past. If you are a beginner with video editors then I recommend you read through the installation guide. The video editor is well laid out and everything you need to access is at fingers reach. I had no problem accessing the transitions, intros and outros. They are pretty cool looking and would be really useful if you are into video production online or for personal usage. The most important part of any video editor is how easy is it to edit your videos and the simple answer to that is, very. I had no problem trimming, adding fade ins/outs and adding music. You will not require any special skills to navigate the software. But if you are wanting a more professional video production then check out Kestum Bilt, He is a professional video producer and can really help you with all your videos.

After two weeks of having time to play around with Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014 I can now say that this is the best video editor that I’ve tried to date. Previously I’ve tried Pinnacle Studio and Sony Vegas. Both are very good editors but both have different layouts and are quite advanced to use. When you’re editing video you just want to get the simple things right and with Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014 you will have no problem doing so.

Rating – 10/10 : Brilliant Editor

Want to see a video created using this software? Click HERE