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The recently released photos and specifications of the iPhone 7 are significantly different from its predecessors. One of the most unusual difference is the use of a single connector or jack for both the Audio and Power. This means that in case of low battery life, iPhone 7 users will have to remove their audio jack first before placing the power jack. A heavily dependent mobile phone user will consider this a significant disadvantage for the new iPhone design.

To prevent additional phone user inconveniences, the designers of MagBolt developed a next step device charging technology by using magnetic connectors instead of the traditional mechanical connectors. The reason for this is that smartphone users revealed that the most heavily used connector is the charging connector. This is because most smartphone users see their phones as part of their office since mobile internet has made sending and receiving emails in real-time easy.

MagBolt is considered as the 1st global magnetic connector designed for iPhone and Android use. The kit includes 1 magnetic cable and a 2-in-1 MagBolt magnetic connector. But what makes MagBolt unusual is that the magnetic connector is designed to fit in both Android and iPhone charging ports. This is despite the fact that both phones has significantly different port designs with a micro-usb for Android phones and a lightning port for iPhones. The magnetic connector is also designed to supply fast outputs during the charging process since it offers a maximum 2A large current output. This means that mobile users do not have to be inconvenienced when waiting for their smartphones to be fully charged.

The main advantage of the magnetic connector is that it is small enough not to be an inconvenience. This is because the hanging end of the magnetic connector is as thin as the smartphone case decreasing the chances of it accidentally falling or pulled out. This magnetic connector has an additional advantage, which is to prevent accidental dust and water damage to enter the charging socket. The magnetic cable easily attaches to the magnetic connector even without looking resulting to a decreased danger in damaging the charging cables as well as the connector port. The MagBolt is initially designed for improved charging but an additional value is that data synchronization is also included resulted in an improved cable performance.

A majority of smartphone users revealed that the connector port is the most easily damaged part of their phones due to cable plugging mistakes or an eventual loosening, which results in costly repairs. The connector port is also the most vulnerable portion of the phone in case of an accidental water dunking based on a recent beach trip experience. There has been cases where the older model iPhones shuts itself down in order to prevent additional damage to interior mechanisms. In order to prevent this, the magnetic connector fits snugly against the connector port making the device water as well as dust resistant.   

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