Have you been looking for way to make a mobile website but
you or your friends don’t know any code well do I have an app to
tell you about its called M.WIZ and I know what you are thinking
and you can just STOP IT as I quote a famous youtuber So
M.Wiz made it easy for everyone to create beautiful mobile
websites without a single line of code. Their innovative
application puts power at your fingertips and allows you to make
attractive mobile websites all from the comfort of your
iPhone and all you have to do is simply add in all the
elements that you would like and customize to your wish. It’s a
completely new way to design and build a mobile
website. By just clicking the ‘add’ button to start a
new project, now simply scroll down the creating menu and add
elements such as Text, Buttons, Checkboxes, Sliders and more.
Each time that you add a new element, M.WIZ will show you a
live preview of the website – so that you can make changes on the
fly to suit you. There are no nasty surprises. M.WIZ shows it the
way that a user would see it. a few things I really like
about M.WIZ, they don’t limit you to just one website. You can
create multiple websites at no extra cost just by starting a new
project and lastly M.WIZ isn’t just for show either you
can export your website directly from the app into an HTML format
and get it emailed to you within seconds. You can upload your
websites and never have to create a single line of code – it’s
simple, fast and powerful. So again if you are on the hunt for an
easy way to update and create a website then M-WIZ is the app for
you Download
Oh did I mention It’s also
a affordable app at only $.99 cents