Today I am going to review a power bank for smartphones and tablets  from a company called Lumsing their aim is at helping you save time by creating products that enhance your tech life. The Lumsing Ultrathin 3-Port 15000mAh Portable External Battery Pack costs about $19.99 USD with free shipping So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Lumsing Ultrathin 3-Port 15000mAh Portable External Battery Pack 

Provider: Lumsing

Price: $19.99

Yes I’ve said in many posts “Having as powerbank no matter how many charges you can get from it is something everyone must have” and yeah I know it can be annoying here it yet again but with the amount of power banks out there it’s crazy to decide thourgh the e-shelves on the internet or in the store I’ve reviewed my fair share  but I’ve only come across a few that didn’t work that great as promised like the Sharkk Powerbank when I mentioned to that company it wasn’t working they told me to return it and then they send me a totally different powerbank strange but that’s another story for another day. But the Lumsing Ultrathin 3-Port 15000mAh Portable External Battery Pack I am reviewing today still charged my devices but SUPER SLOW not like many of the other Lumsing powerbanks in months past but I still stuck with it and was still happy to get about six charges which is still great but would of been better if they were quick the battery never got hot or exploded or just didn’t work,

The Lumsing Ultrathin 3-Port 15000mAh Portable External Battery Pack can’t really be a pocket sized powerbank but if you try you can put it in your sweatshirt pocket. It has the same plastic body look as it’s some of the other Lumsing products though I do prefer aluminum on their products with an expection for their wall chargers.  now according to the website high-capacity of 15000mAh, it can charge an iPhone 6 six times, a Galaxy S6 five and a half times, and an iPad Air 2 twice. which in my opinion is a terrific if you are on vacation and want to take LOTS of photos and video and share your powerbank with a friend so they can recharge

This power bank looks great in the White look but there is also a black/orange (halloween) color can also be chosen. Something I really liked about this battery was the build quality for being made of plastic it was still durable but not rough durable.  There’s isn’t a carrying bag which is something I found to be rare in today’s market, companies seem to leaving that out but in my thoughts they shouldn’t it helps keep the battery safe while in your pocket or backpack.

This powerbank has 3 USB port and according to the amazon listing has  5v 3.2 Amp which I think is combined between all three ports which is odd usually each port for example can have 2.1 amps which is just enough for a fast charge for your iPhone then the 1 amp charge ports I am getting with this power bank  Now that I’ve covered mostly everything I also pointed out in the video that there is 4 LED’s that most powerbanks have that show remaining power: 1 LED indicates  less than 25%, 2 LEDs:26%-50%  3 LEDs: 51-75% 4 LED’s 76%-100% So it’s simple but I would have liked to seen a digital display since you never know if it’s at a full 100% even with the all 4 LED’s showing


So yes the power bank is priced affordable for anyone I think this might be the cheapest price for a high quality power bank from a company you can trust , but is it even worth it? I would say No not right now not until they fix this issue with slow charging But if you want a power bank I do encourage you to check out the other power banks that Lumsing has to offer on Amazon