Today I am going to review a bluetooth speaker from a company called Lumsing their aim is at helping you save time by creating products that enhance your tech life. The Lumsing® Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with NFC costs about $35.99 USD with free shipping So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Lumsing® Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with NFC

Provider: Lumsing

Price: $35.99

The Review:

The packaging, is a cardboard retail box which shows some features about this speaker along with the Lumsing name on the box

The Lumsing® Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker does have a few identifying mark which is the Lumsing® logo on the front and the words “”NFC” on the back of the speaker  the controls are marked but could be hard to read since it’s black on black but the controls are easy to press which is good to note. When you first turn the speaker on I was greeted with a voice that is a bit of broken english that said “Welcome to bluetooth music” and “the bluetooth device is ready to pair”  then once paired it will say “paired” very quick There is also a TF (mini sd card) slot so you can pop it out of your phone and play right on your speaker if bluetooth isn’t an option for you

The Lumsing® Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker comes in Blue or Green and Pink,In the box you will get an Instruction manual in English which tells you how to set up the speaker along with a with micro-USB power adapter and for those non bluetooth devices like a tv in a hotel room the speaker comes with a 3.5 mm cable.  One thing I would of liked to seen with this speaker was a carrying case The Lumsing® Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker has great sound with good bass which is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment


So yes the Lumsing® Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is priced right for what most budgets would pay for a bluetooth speaker In my thoughts I don’t think it’s not any other cheap speaker you could get on eBay you will be getting a high quality speaker  So is it even worth it? YEP! I’ve used many bluetooth speakers over the years  as I said before I like that this speaker since it had a nice rubber handle to hang when you are outside enjoying a good book with some music


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