Labato are a company that surprised me with the quality of their cases, like the previous case I reviewed HERE. Today, I will be reviewing the Protective Sports Style Case w/ stand by Labato. Lets see if it lives up to expectation and weither or not its worth a place in your pocket.

Worth the Purchase ? : Yes
Where ? : Amazon
Price : $14.99

The case is made of high quality materials and has a form fitting design. Thanks to that form fitting design the case feels great in the hand. The case features a unique stand, which is greatfor watching videos and movies on your phone in landscape handsfree. I personally found the stand a great feature and was very impressed by its strength.

The case features cut-outs and raised areas for:

  • Power Button
  • Volume Rocker
  • Earphone jack
  • In call and noise isolation microphones
  • Micro Charger
  • IR blaster
  • Camera and Flash

Once the case is on your will notice that you will have a thick lip around the bezel. This is good for making sure that your devices screen is protected while it is face down on a desk or counter top.The colour of the case I got was purple and to be honest I didnt really like it at first but after a while it grew on me.I now quite like it.


After using this case for afew weeks, I couldnt fault it in any way. Its just great. The case offers style and protection to your phone. The extra stand function is just great and for me it was very helpful and because of this I had afew friends ask where I got the case. Afew days later they had the same case as me and they loved it too,so it must be good.

Rating 10/10 – Great case nothing wrong with it , worth a look.