So if you are looking for a simple leather case for your iPhone 5 or SE  then I have a case to tell you about from a company called Labato which is a company making quality smartphone and tablet cases Today I am going to review the Labato Genuine Leather Protective Case Cover for iPhone SE/5S/5

Where ? :  EBayAliExpress Amazon 

Price : $12.99

The case is made of  as they state on the amazon listing as “real leather” but I have some wondering about that, there is also a soft matte tpu case that your phone will sit in  for greatest protection which gives it a form-fitting design. Thanks to the design the case feels great in the hand and your iPhone doesn’t feel bulky then with some other wallet cases unless you put alot of money and cards in the case. There is also a stand so you can watch a movie or tv show in landscape mode

When the case is open it features cut-outs and raised areas for:

  • Volume Rocker (can also be pressed when close)
  • Earphone jack (shows from the bottom when closed)
  • Lock/Rotate Switch
  • Speaker,Lighting Port (shows from the bottom when closed)
  • Camera and Flash (cutout)

Once the case is on it has a fair drop protection but I don’t want to test it and have something happen to my phone Since this is a wallet case there is  front cover protection so you can lay your iPhone face down on the table I wished they included a screen protector as a freebee protector with the case but its all good since most of us usually have extras laying around


After using this case for a few weeks, I tried my best to look for fault it in any way. But I couldn’t find any  The case offers style and protection for my iPhone 5. The price won’t scare you too compared its counterparts this case can be compared to some higher priced handcrafted cases and still is a good deal.