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Labato iPad Mini Smart Case Cover Lbt-IDM-07T44



When my iPad goes dead from using it non stop where do I turn to of course the iPad mini so I usually like to have the same kind of case on this device but smaller I saw the  Labato iPad Mini Smart Case Cover Lbt-IDM-07T44  on Amazon and thought is it worth it?

Where ? : Amazon , EBayAliExpress

Price : $12.99

At first glance, the case looks great . The case is made of PU Leather which I am not a big fan of but for this case I made an exception the case has Built in magnet for  sleep & wake sensor you will be able to use the rear camera in Facetime  it have a nice grip and its great to watch videos on the iPad in an upright mode ,

Cut-Outs and Coverings

  • Power button
  • Volume buttons
  • Speaker
  • Camera and flash
  • Charging port
  • Headphone port
  • Rotate Switch
  • Mic



The Labato iPad Mini Smart Case Cover Lbt-IDM-07T44   is a bargain if you want a just want a case to use to watch videos or check on your social media feeds and still look good this case is aviavle in 10 different colors. There were no issues with this case

Rating – 10/10 – Great case 

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