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Labato Genuine Leather Simple Slim Folio iPhone 5 Case



If you remember from a while back I did some reviews for Jison Case well today I have a review for a company called Labato a sister company of Jison from what I can see the cases have the same love and quality that we have grown to be impressed by but with a few minor changes first off the prices are much more affordable for the everyday consumer when compared to the Jison case but keep in mind there are still some minor differences with both companies which I will point out in my Labato iPad case review but moving on lets talk about today’s case the Labato Genuine Leather Simple Slim Folio iPhone 5 Case which can be found on Amazon for $12.99 I was very surprised by the price I was expecting it to be $20 maybe $25 but nope this is the price you pay I saw some Labato cases “on sale” on the amazon page but even being on sale it was like $1.00 off still a bargain off the sale moving on this case is made of leather both inside and outside and you sure can tell its the real McCoy the outside is  all handmade with first layer leather in lichee patterns and exquisite texture now they do state on the amazon page that the inside is made of a soft microfiber lining but I can assure you its soft leather with the name “labato” running across the leather and this case will help protect your phone from scratching, bumping and dropping providing it isn’t a tough bump But here’s the best part of this case but it will only work if you haven’t updated to iOS7 you will be able to have finger access so there’s no need to flip over to answer incoming calls. Overall as long as you haven’t updated it’s a great case to have on your iPhone 5 but if you would like to check out Labato’s other iPhone 5 Cases you can who knows maybe you will fall in love with another one of their cases

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