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Labato iPhone 5/5S Detachable High Quality PC+TPU Material BackCase



So I am not too much a fan of two piece cases but I thought since I am checking out a few cases from Labato I might as well give the  Labato iPhone 5/5S Detachable High Quality PC+TPU Material BackCase a look at to see if its worth it?

Where ? : Amazon , EBayAliExpress

Price : $13.50

At first glance, the case looks very simple and neat but I wasn’t happy about the lay on the table action it was a very thin edge on the top that didnt carry all the way to the front. The case is made of two parts even though they list three on the amazon page not sure why though it be cause you could use the case in two different modes one with out the plastic hard back shell and one with just the soft silicone layer like a bumper showing off your nice silver iPhone back  Once the case is on the iPhone 5, it will have very simple look to it , which makes the device feel nice and comfortable in the hand. The case also features around the bezel, which allows you to lay your phone on a desk but in my opion its the best since the lip doesn’t cover the whoie enough to protect the frount screen

Cut-Outs and Coverings

  • Power button
  • Volume rocker
  • Speaker
  • Camera and flash
  • Charging port
  • Headphone port
  • Mute Switch



The Labato iPhone 5/5S Detachable High Quality PC+TPU Material Back Case  is a bargain if you want a simple case that also functions as a bumper case . There was only that one issue but if lay on the table isnt a big problem for you then you will love this case for the simple design that we have grown to love from Apple

Rating – 9/10 – Great case but not the best for “lay on the table”

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