So if you have followed my reviews earlier this year I reviewed a few other items from a company called Kinivo today I am going to tell you about the  Kinivo BTM440 which is a wireless Bluetooth-connected mono headset with some high quality features like advanced noise cancellation through its optimized microphone the BTM440 has some of the best easy-to-use controls and its very lightweight making it easy on the ear and great to carry around  at first I didn’t think it was very comfortable fit for extended wear but I have adapted to it after using it a week later this headset affordably simplifies your daily routine and its a must-have for both personal and professional multitaskers like myself it allows you to place and receive phone calls while remaining hands-free and on the go something I found that was quite neat was the integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery which delivers more than four hours of active talk time or 150 hours while in standby mode. and its very easy to recharge the headset simply plug the headset into the included micro-USB charging cable and connect to your PC or wall outlet and you are good to go one more thing I really liked about this headset was it automatically pauses audio when I received an incoming call Overall I am quite pleased with this headset even though the build quality could be a bit better but never the less it’s still gets the job the done If you would like buy this headset its available now for $24.99 through 

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