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Kingston Hyperx Cloud Pro Gaming Headset



Today I am going to review a Solid State Drive from a company called Kingston which is a company that is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory products  The design of the drive is very unique and looks like a very sturdy drive  the drive costs about $169 USD for the 240GB  drive and as low as $94 USD for the 120GB  there’s also a 480 GB drive but I don’t think it would be worth it to go to that much space since you can back up most files like videos or audio on an external or flash drive   So far it’s not bad for the price but how well does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Kingston Hyperx Cloud Pro Gaming Headset

Provider: Kingston


The Review:

The packaging, is a huge box for a headset which has everything you will need no matter if you use it for PS4, Xbox or PC games along the front of the box it will let you know what the features are with pictures of each feature

The headset does have a few identifying marks on them starting on the left and right of the headset there is the Hyper X logo and on the headband is the words Hyper X letting you know it’s their headset also on the left side at the bottom is the detachable wire that goes to a mic and headphone jack there is an adaptor that converts both jacks into one jack Also there is a longer cable so you can use it with your PS4 or XBOX, There is also a detachable mic,interchangeable felt and PU leather ear cups, a very nice carrying bag with front pouch for the wires and adaptors,  … This  headset indeed lives up to being a great gaming tech item for any kid or older adult in my opinion…

One cool thing about  this headset is Interchangeable boom mic even though the audio isn’t the best it’s pretty basic if you are doing gaming like COD it might not be the best mic for vlogs but if you don’t mine it’s still a neat feature Now onto the headset I really like them and the 53mm hifi capable drivers with 15-25khz frequency response really do deliver deep bass and immersive stereo sound  and while I had a few friends over none could hear my Spotify or Youtube videos I was playing on them I’m not a big time gamer but I like comfort and the Ultra-comfortable ear cushions and headband are great for gaming, movies, and listening on-the-go when not at the desk plus I like that you can interchange them from felt to PU leather


So yes this headset is priced very affordable compared to many other gaming headsets out there , but is it even worth it? I believe it would be a useful gift for any kid or adult who is into Skype, Gaming and chatting with the GF/BF with all the features that you would need to get your game even the comfortable interchangeable ear cups I think it this a worthwhile product

This headset is well made and of course since you are buying from Kingston you know you are getting grade A tech support if heaven forbid anything goes wrong

So in all it’s not bad for a gaming headset, given all the gaming headsets out there on the market The final score averages out to be a 10 out of 10

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