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kdLinks X1 Dash Cam Review



People may ask why you would want a camera on your car? Well, it’s a simple answer, all of us have been driving and maybe be behind a drunk driver, or have been in a car accident and the other driver says it was your fault and it wasn’t, or we have witnessed a wreck and the police need a reference to see what actually happened. Today I’m going to be reviewing and telling you all about the kdLinks X1 Dash cam. Thank you for tuning in and lets get started on this review!


  • 165° Wide Angle
  • GPS
  • G-Sensor
  • WDR, 2.7″ Screen
  • 8GB Micro SD included

What’s in the box:

  • X1 Car Cam
  • Windshield Suction Cup w/ GPS Module
  • 1 Extra Suction Cup w/ EMPTY GPS Module
  • Cigarette Car Charger w/ Long Cable
  • 8GB MicroSD Card
  • MicroSD Card Reader
  • CD with Video Player Software for GPS Function
  • User Manual

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The Review:
First let me start out by saying that I love the packaging. It is very neat and I like how the packaging shows just as much quality as the Dash Cam itself. So now lets take a look at the Dash Cam. The first things that blew me away about this camera is it can not only tell you how fast you are going while videoing or taking pictures, but it can also pin-point locations to where every photo was taken, and the wide angle lens will capture absolutely everything. These features blew me away because it has a lot of technology packed into one little camera that is not going to break the bank by no means. Right out of the box I noticed how thin the Dash Cam actually was. The lens on the Dash Cam actually sticks out quite a bit which is hard to tell when looking at the camera straight on. The reasons this sticks out quite a bit are because of the thinness of the actual camera and because of the wide angle lens. Other then that the camera is very small and quite portable which is always a good thing when it comes to dash cameras.

On the front of the camera is also where you will find your LED indicator. On the bottom of the camera you will find a simple reset button and also a built in microphone. On the left hand edge of the camera you will find your micro HDMI port which allows you to play back footage on a monitor or TV without having to connect it to a computer. There are also a M and OK buttons located on each side of the HDMI port. On the top of the camera you will find your power on and off switch, you have a mount and also GPS mount ports, and also the micro USB cable. On the right hand side you will find your micro SD card port, and also a up and down keys for your navigational interface. On the back side of the camera (where the screen is) you will find how it looks touch screen. Even though the camera is not touch screen it still has a very modern and nice looking screen and interface. On each side of the camera you will find what looks like speaker holes but it’s actually just decoration.

The camera is made out of metal, chrome, and some plastic material, which makes for a very durable camera and felt very well built in hand. The camera is very small and thin making it very easy to pack in a bag and also something that is not going to take up your whole front windshield even when in a holder. The camera quality is very good as you can imagine with having 1080p HD. The wide angle lens will also allow you to record 165°, which is awesome for the use of the camera.

I would prefer using the driver that comes in the box only if you use the later versions of Windows. But if you use later versions then the device is plug-and-play so you would not need to use this. The driver does actually work for both Mac and PC. The holder that has a 3.5mm jack is the one that has the GPS built in. On both of the holders is a suction cup that works very well. It also comes with a cigarette liter charger which plugs directly into your camera and is very long in length, which is very good. Fully charging the device from 0% takes about 2 hours which is very quick considering it’s a camera.

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In Conclusion:
The camera is very well built and takes high quality pictures and video. I was impressed with everything about this camera. This camera is a very good deal if you’re looking for one of these type of cameras and offers a lot of the same things as a more expensive camera. This camera runs for 159.95 on kdLinks Amazon page. This camera is awesome for the price!
Great Quality – 10/10
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