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Jabra Revo Wireless Review



Hi Guys this is Matthew here with a review for you today of the Jabra Revo Wireless. images-1

These headphones are great. Just great, They do everything as advertised.

Sound: Sound is perfection on these things with built in Dolby digital surround sound which is great for both music and movies.Trebles are really nice but there is a little over powering base. Just a little which i like personally so it is just a preference thing.

Design: The design is beautiful, elegant and stunning. Its really nice how they made it a matte finish as most headphones now a days are glossy and fingerprint magnets. On the side of these bad boys there is a turn table. Which is touch embedded and allows you to turn the volume up and down via moving your finger around the circle which is really cool. Also there is built in NFC for instant pairing which works with my Nexus and also there is a Pause/Play button. Also you will get a charging cable and a carrying bag. images

Wireless: Connection is pretty good on these things compared to its younger brother the Jabra Sport which ill have a review up of soon as the Sport drop connection for a second time to time while i cycle as these would not. These headphones also included a audio cable for     direct hook up and battery life will get you a day of average use.

Conclusion: BUY THESE NOW! Even though the price is 250.00 These are the best wireless headphones you can get around at the moment. I hope you enjoyed this review and i will have more upcoming reviews from Jabra. Jabra_Revo_Wireless_Spot

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