Have you ever wished your favorite ear buds or headphones  were bluetooth without buying Bluetooth headphones? Well do I have a product to tell you about it’s from a company called Jabra and the product the JABRA Clipper at first I didn’t know how to use it but after some quick reading I was in love with it no longer will I have to carry my iPad or iPhone next to me in the car or at my desk. I  did notice it wasn’t totally clear sound but I think that is cause of some obstructions in the way.


Jabra claims you can connect the Clipper to two devices at the same time but I could only use it on one device at a time maybe I did something wrong, but one device at a time for me is good enough when you want to reset and use it on another device just hold the “play” button for 4 secs You can also clip the Clipper almost anywhere, on your collar, jacket, purse or backpack Also the clip isn’t a cheep one it’s really strong and wont break like some plastic ones out there


I never used the ear buds in the package since I love my Elago ear buds  Getting carried away with your music a mobile distance alert will let you know when you’re getting about far from your phone up to 33 ft away from your phone. Now you might be saying “dave this must be  bulky and weight a lot” FALSE  it weights 20 grams and is only 17mm in length wont take up space in your pocket and Talk for up to 6 hours at a time and get up to 8 days standby time caller alert overall I really enjoyed my first time using a Jabra product and was really happy with the outcome with Clipper